Copper Alloy

  • Tin alloyed copper filler metal with good flowing properties-suitable for joining of oxygen free copper and copper materials subject to high strain-easily workable welding seams without pores.
  • Copper alloy for excellent welding process especially in guided postions.Viscous weld pool and free of pores.For large work pieces preheating is recommended.
  • Joining and overlay welding of copper zinc alloys,low copper materials,also for an excellent wear resisting overlay welding on low and unalloyed steel as well as cast iron.
  • Particularly suitable for MIG brazing of zinc coated sheets in the car engineering,good flowing properties of weld pool,low tendency to porosity and spatter...
  • Particularly suitable for copper aluminium nickel materials and overlay welding on steel,increased resistance to wear and abrasion.Very good corrosion resistance to seawater.
  • Particularly suitable for Cu-Al materials and for overlay welding on ferritic pearlitic steels and cast iron.Increased resistance to wear and abrasion.
  • It is used for joining and repair welding of aluminum bronze castings of similar composition,and for depositing bearing surface and wear and corrosion resistant surfaces.
  • Suitable for welding of copper materials,for example copper and tin bronzes,especially used for joining of copper zinc alloys and steels.