Since 1956,Golden Eagle has engaged in developing and manufacturing as copper products for more than 50 years,and has accumulated many technical advantages.The company has been the leader of copper-based solder of China after years of development since 1987.

After reorganized assets been Beijing Jinying Copper Co., Ltd. wire branch (2001), Beijing Jinying Welding Alloys Co., Ltd. (2006), we reserves a wealth of talent, technology and market resources. In 2009, the company and Beijing Minmetals Strong Welding Material Co., Ltd. jointed 

contribution to establish the new company- Golden Eagle Minmetals (Beijing) Welding Material Co., Ltd..The two companies integrated technologies, equipments, markets, suppliers and other resources to build a 2,000 tons annual output of copper-based solders base.

Under the corporate trade mark GOLDEN EAGLE,the company develops,produces and distributes high-tech wire and braze consumables.Golden Eagle enjoys the trust of many famous enterprises in the world.Our products are widely used in various manual soldering and automated soldering.